written by HEATON

EPIC.LAN has become the most popular CS:GO gaming event in the UK, attracting a wide range of semi-professional players, community members, esports professionals, academia, and industry professionals. This event has established itself as the premier CS:GO BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) event in Europe, with the greatest number of CS:GO teams participating.

The EPIC.LAN event is not just limited to CS:GO but also includes other popular esports titles such as StarCraft and Valorant. This allows players from different gaming backgrounds to participate and showcase their skills in different games. The latest event, EPIC.LAN 38, had a range of diverse players from different organizations, including Coalesce and Viperio, K10, Clique, Vitalize, and Arctic Raptors, among others.

For this roster, this event was particularly important as it was their first LAN event as a team under Arctic Raptors. This provided a unique opportunity for the team to showcase their technical prowess against some of the UK’s most respected organisations. As a relatively new organisation, Arctic Raptors was eager to prove themselves and make a name in the UK esports scene.

The group stage saw a clean sweep for Arctic Raptors. They managed to dominate their group opposition and drift to a 7-0 sweep in the group stage against opposition such as Swann Esports, Clique Esports, and Royals.

Arctic Raptors then moved into the upper-bracket quarter final, where they come up against Legates. The players knew this would be a tough game. Legates have ex-Arctic Raptors player Bigun, who has always been known as a good player and can change the game with his raw skill. The first map, on nuke, was a tricky game for Arctic Raptors, and saw Legates finish the game with a win, starting off the BO3 series with a 1-0 lead. The second map was overpass, which is known to be an Arctic Raptors favourite, and Arctic Raptors managed to come out on top to tie up the series 1-1. The last map was inferno, which is also a strong map for Arctic Raptors. The Raptors were able to steal the series in the last game and finished 2-1, ready to move into the upper-bracket semi-final the next day.

Up bright and early, the Raptors prepared for their semi-finals game against Viperio, one of the favourites of the entire tournament, and who are currently competing in the RMR. The game went somewhat as expected, with Viperio managing to take the series in just two games, finishing 2-0 with victories on Vertigo on Overpass.

This saw Arctic Raptors drop into the lower bracket for the rest of the tournament, where they would continue to apply themselves and try to reach a spot in the final. The Raptors’ next game was lower-round 4, where they would again come up against Royals. The first map was Vertigo, but Arctic Raptors managed to get the edge and beat Royals, which then led into the second map, Ancient. Arctic Raptors managed to pull through and win this map too, sweeping Royals 2-0 in the series.

Due to this victory, Arctic Raptors secured a place in the lower consolidation game, where they would come up against eMasters. The maps for this series were Ancient & Inferno, but Arctic Raptors saw little struggle and finished this series 2-0 and were able to progress into the lower bracket final.

Viperio lost to Coalesce in the upper bracket, and therefore had also dropped into the lower bracket, and became our opponents in the lower bracket final. Just like the previous game, Viperio managed to take the series in two games, knocking Arctic Raptors out of the tournament, and securing themselves a place in the Grand Final, where they lost once again to Coalesce, who won the whole event.

Overall, EPIC.LAN 38 was a good event for Arctic Raptors, and saw them finish Top 3 alongside two of the biggest UK organisations and best CS:GO teams in the region.

In terms of players, Sean ‘Atrox’ Greene was one of the top performers at EPIC.LAN 38, coming 2nd overall in the group stage and Top 10 of the whole event, for individual performances.

One of our new star signings, Reegan ‘ReegaN’ Ward, also stole the limelight at EPIC.LAN 38, as he managed to get 1st overall in the whole event, for individual performances.

We asked Daniel “Papp” Hart, the Arctic Raptors coach, a question regarding the event:

How do you think the EPIC.LAN 38 performances went? and how do you think things will improve with the new roster looking ahead to future offline tournaments?

“I think our EPIC.LAN performance was good overall, we finished third place as seeded and expected only losing to Viperio all event. There were many positives to take from our 2nd LAN showing and the only real disappointing factor from our side was that we never really managed to give Viperio a real challenge in either game. I think moving ahead with our new line-up, the intention from our side was to try and close the gap to the teams above us in terms of quality and I think we are taking steps in the right direction to do that.”

We look forward to competing in future events, and seeing what opportunities present themselves for the new roster and the future of Arctic Raptors.