written by HEATON
A duo of astonishing performances from the Arctic Raptors roster secures a place in ESEA Advanced for Season 44. 

A bye in the first round meant that the first matchup was against BiT eSports in the Upper Round 2 of ESEA Main Playoffs. Raptors gained the advantage in the series through an early FFW on the first map by BiT eSports, on what would have been BiT’s map pick of Inferno. This was followed by a dominant Arctic Raptors performance on their own map pick, Ancient. The Raptors kept their same strong consistency as demonstrated throughout the Main season and showcased why they deserve to get to the next round and fight for their place in Advanced.

As the preparations for Upper Round 3 of the ESEA Main Playoffs against Enhanced Esports were underway, our coach, Daniel ‘Papp’ Hart, or as we like to call him, Papp Guardiola, had some words to share (click here to view the tweet):

Who are the favourites?
“I mean, head-to-head, Enhanced (Esports) did beat us in overtime very early on in the season, but we were not at our level then, we will be going into this game ready to leave everything in the server. I’m very confident in the guys and we will get the job done Monday night.”

How confident are you in securing Advanced?
“I think over the past two seasons we have more than proven that we are ready for the next step up from main. Only dropping 3 maps in the regular season across two seasons! The boys are ready for the next level.”

Does the hard work reciprocate our performances?
“Yeah, we have definitely put in as much as we reasonably could. We have had a difficult few weeks with holidays and tech issues, but we are still working away and trying to improve as a group and keep moving in the right direction. I think our chemistry is definitely starting to show in the server with some of our more recent performances.”

Who’s impressed you the most?
“I’d say it’s a difficult one to single out any one person. Sean (Atrox) has made a big difference in my opinion, and it finally feels like we have 5 people with a voice and a place in the team. Then you have Ras (Zodi) still in only his 2nd season as an IGL and improving everyday and growing in confidence, while remaining one of our best performers, it’s really impressive. WFN definitely has had a better season and I hope he can keep his form to farm in the play-offs like we all know he can. Ducky is just a turret, unreal. Then it’s impossible to not mention how solid and reliable Syn is to us, brings a lot to the team in ways of communication and calmness, very solid.”

The first game of the series was on Vertigo, and was dominated by Atrox, who popped off to get 35 kills and a 128 ADR to help Raptors take the map at a score line of Raptors 16:11 Enhanced. Atrox’s stellar performance was backed by another outstanding team performance from all involved.

The second game of the series took place on Nuke, which has featured through Arctic Raptors’ Main season numerous times, with 3 wins and only 1 loss on the map throughout the season. Confidence and belief were high, and this resulted in another incredible team performance with contributions from each player. WFN got 100% of Raptors’ AWP kills with 17 of his 24 coming from the big green, losing no single duel against any of his opponents in the server. Raptors ended the game with a 16:12 score line and that was it. The hard work had paid off. They are now in ESEA Advanced for Season 44.

The roster has shown unbelievably hard work and determination in accomplishing this milestone, and we cannot wait to see what the futue holds for this group of talent.

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