written by HEATON
A bold move prior to the second week of the ESL UK Premiership group stage. 

We have decided to make a notable roster adjustment to our Counter-Strike roster. As the team continues to make strides in ESL UK Premiership, alongside proactively competing in qualifiers, Euan ‘Synergii’ Wilson will be transitioning to the bench.

This decision comes as a result of Synergii’s schedule conflicts, which have been limiting the team’s practice arrangements. To maintain momentum and ensure they can actively participate in various qualifiers, Arctic Raptors have decided to make the change whilst the team enters a short break before the return to ESL UK Premiership and ESEA.

Synergii has been an integral factor in the teams success thus far, and has showcased his ability in many ways on many different stages. He is constantly one of the difference-makers and this is a very careful decision that we have made in an attempt to balance the needs of the team and it’s players to move beyond the realms of UK Counter-Strike.

We’d like to take this moment to thank Synergii and his impact for the team and it’s progression to it’s current position. While it is uncertain what the future holds, we hope that he can still be a part of Arctic Raptors success while he stays as part of the team. We urge you, our fans and the community, to thank Synergii for all he has done.

As the Counter-Strike roster gears up for a return to their ESL UK Premiership campaign on May 22nd, the organisation remains confident that this roster modification will help the team maintain their impressive performance and strengthen their position in the tournament, the wider Counter-Strike landscape, and the transition into Counter-Strike 2.

So, get ready to cheer us on as we not only adapt to this change, but in tackling the upcoming tournaments and continuing in our their pursuit of success.

Stay tuned for an announcement coming this evening (09/05/2023) on the replacement we have lined up. 

Stay safe, #UTFR.