written by HEATON

We are thrilled to share with our fans the recent success of our TrackMania duo, Sheinimi and NRGZ, at the TrackMania World Tour EU Regionals. We are proud to announce that we finished in second place after defeating BIG Clan in the semi-finals and putting up a valiant effort against the talented Serotonin Events in the final.

NRGZ was asked: ‘How did it feel to come up against some of Europe’s top competition, and do you think the performances prove you have what it takes to reach the top?’

“It feels really good, we’re (NRGZ and Sheinimi) putting a lot of commitment into the game for playing these high-level matches, and I think we showed last week how good we really are as a duo. Shei shined thanks to his great pace, and I delivered a good consistency overall. These strengths combined with a nice mentality can bring us amongst the best European and Worldwide teams, it’s only a matter of time.“

Our organisation is relatively new to the TrackMania scene, having formed only this year. However, Sheinimi and NRGZ have been playing and competing for years and have developed exceptional driving skills that have garnered attention and praise from the esports community.

Our journey to the finals was not easy. We faced some of the best teams in the tournament and had to navigate challenging tracks with speed and precision. Nevertheless, the drivers put up a great fight, showcasing their skill, persistence, and dedication to the game.

Although we did not win the tournament, we are incredible proud of our journey to the final. Our performance has demonstrated that we are a formidable team in the TrackMania scene and that we are capable of competing with the best of the best. The drivers look forward to participating in upcoming tournaments and events and continuing to represent Arctic Raptors with the utmost professionalism and sportsmanship.

Sheinimi was asked: ‘How has your journey been so far under Arctic Raptors and what are the next events on the horizon?’

“Since I’ve joined Arctic Raptors, everything went great! I’m doing pretty good in solo events and TMWT circuit and TMGL, especially with our recent 2nd place in the Regional 3, which will allow us to compete in Up&Downs for a potential chance to play in TMCL next season!

On another note, I feel like we’re receiving a lot of support from Raptors members and it’s community, and it’s honestly heart-warming, it’s pushing me to try my best and go beyond my limits! I really hope you guys are enjoying the TrackMania hype train, but so far it looks like y’all do!

With this new TMWT (which started in January), it barely leaves us anytime to do anything else than playing competitive maps. We are most likely chaining train/match/train/match and so on… In the upcoming weeks, we have to train 5 new maps in order to compete for the Up&Downs, and right after there will be the new map pack for the second phase of TMWT. As I said, no time to breathe if we want to perform as best as we can!

I’ll personally do a 2 week break to go on holidays right after the Up&Downs weekend. As soon as I come back, I’ll have to train the Gamers Assembly map pack, in a short timeframe (about 4 days), since I’ll be competing in it on Easter weekend! I’ll try my best, but it’s most likely going to be for fun & giggles, as well as gaining experience on such events! And then again we’ll go back to TMWT, hopefully in TMCL, who knows?“

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our fans and the wider TrackMania community for their unwavering support throughout the tournament. It is their engagement and encouragement that drives Arctic Raptors as an esports organisation. The drivers and us look forward to bringing you more great performances in the future.