Sheinimi gets 2nd place

written by HEATON
A series of thrilling races from sheinimi secures second place in the grand finals of insalan 17. 

Sheinimi, a talented TrackMania player and a member of Arctic Raptors, recently made an impact in the TrackMania world with his impressive performance in the grand finals of InsaLan 17. The competition was intense, with the best players in TrackMania coming together to showcase their abilities, but Sheinimi rose to the challenge and finished as the runner-up, solidifying his place as one of the elite players in the game.

What was it like to be runner-up in the grand finals and how did you handle the pressure of competing at such a high level?

“All in all, I’m quite happy about my performance and the 2nd place I achieved. It’s in the game, you win some you lose some. Once I got finalist status, I was praying that it wouldn’t be Agility Dash (the track), but unfortunately it was. It could have gone either way, and too much fear of winning killed my nerves until I got a mental reset in the last round.

I wasn’t really stressed as I knew my strengths and capabilities, but I knew my opponents were good too. It was do or die and I was trying everything I could in order to get some points under my belt. For this LAN, I’m quite happy with my capability to get my head back in the match even when I throw on a good map; this is something I used to lack a lot, the mental game.”

TrackMania is a fast-paced racing game that requires precision, speed, and strategy to excel. It’s a popular game that has been enjoyed by players for many years, but the competition at InsaLan 17 took things to a new level. With players vying for the title of champion, the pressure was on, and the stakes were high.

How do you see the future of TrackMania evolving and what do you think the future holds for the competitive scene?

“In my opinion, the scene is getting stronger overall with many youngsters starting to get really strong on mixed maps. The duo format and the arrival of TMWT (TrackMania World Tour) might be what was required to bring another breath into the TrackMania competitive scene. I’m really looking forward to the future competitions, as I’m sure there will be many good matches and entertainment incoming.”

Sheinimi faced some tough competition, but he held his own and dominated the series, displaying his skills and determination. He took advantage of his mastery of the game, using his lightning-fast reflexes and expert manoeuvring to outpace his opponents.

In the end, it was a close race, but Sheinimi was just beat out by a slim margin, finishing in second place. Despite the loss, he displayed true sportsmanship, congratulating the winner and embracing his runner-up position, as well as voluntarily sharing the prize winnings with 4th place.

For many players, coming in second place in a series of this calibre would be a significant disappointment, but for Sheinimi, it was a chance to showcase his skills to the world. His performance was a testament to his hard work and dedication to the game, and it is evident that he is a force to be reckoned with in the TrackMania community.

What are your goals for future competitions and what do you hope to achieve in the world of TrackMania?

“So far, I’ll continue to play the TMWT (TrackMania World Tour) with my duo, NRGZ, and eventually play some other competitions/events if I find the time to do so. I know there are some offline events incoming early April, but I’m not sure if I’ll attend as a player, as I won’t have much time to train properly and I don’t want to have a bad performance if I’m playing as a Raptors player, as I want to bring you guys (Arctic Raptors) the best version of me every time it’s possible! One step at a time, we’ll grow and hopefully reach the top, may the odds be with us!”

It’s worth mentioning that another Arctic Raptors player, NRGZ, was unable to attend the event. However, he looks forward to future events and is eager to compete alongside Sheinimi again.

How did you feel about not being able to attend InsaLan 17 and what was your reaction to Sheinimi’s performance?

“Well, of course I am really disappointed to not be part of the event. I think I would have had the same chances as Shei to make it to the grand finals. But it’s okay, I will be ready for the next one. For Shei, I’m really proud, because last year, when he was struggling on one or two tracks, he struggled to stay composed, and at this event, every time he was behind, or lacking consistency on a map, he dug deep to find the resources to keep his head up and go for the fight again.

He deserved the win of course, but he still had a really good tournament, as expected.”

In conclusion, Sheinimi‘s outstanding performance in the grand finals of InsaLan 17 solidifies his place as one of the top players in the world of TrackMania. His ability to compete at such a high level and finish as the runner-up in the series is a true testament to his talent and dedication to the game. Fans can look forward to seeing more fantastic performances from Sheinimi and NRGZ of Arctic Raptors in the future.